Please, Universe

I’m sharing this photo as a statement to the universe. Because you have to put your hopes and dreams out there for them to happen.

So Universe, this summer I want to go to Hawaii with my family. I want to rent a van with beds in it and travel the island (or islands if you feel so generous). I want to get paid for it or at least break even. I want to adventure. I want to see my kids climb mountains and play in the rain.

This photo was taken in Victoria from my family’s greatest adventure so far. A few short weeks before this, the rug had been ripped out from under out feet. My husband had been working up to 20 hours a day, some of those days were 7 days a week to finish a project at work. I was 6 months pregnant, we had just bought a new house with a hefty new mortgage, we were finally in a happy place financially and we were excited for the future as a family. Until it all went south.

Without warning, he was let go. The day he was let go, he was also told he wouldn’t be paid for all of his overtime. All of those hard hours he was killing himself. All of those hours that we missed as a family. All of the extra housework because he was only home for a few hours when we were sleeping. He was told to be grateful for the experience. Can you even imagine?

This lit a fire in both of us. For my husband, it was to start his own business. Make his own hours. Pay his own employees and treat them with the respect we weren’t afforded. For me, it was to hit the road. To pack up our falling apart travel trailer and load the kids and one of our pups into our 15 year old car and send offerings to Buddha to make it to the Canadian border.

We set off. We had less than zero dollars to spend on anything that wasn’t gas or Voodoo donuts. We slept in our trailer in the most beautiful rest stops in America and Canada. We swam in lakes beneath the great Mt. Shasta. We took detours and had no idea where our destination was. We saw the coast. We saw the mountains. We explored.

Our kids stopped asking to watch movies and started looking outside their bubble. They were dirty and muddy and I’ve never seen them so happy to be outside. They smelled like campfire. They rode their scooters at places I have dreamed of visiting since I was little. We were happy and tired. It was the most perfect adventure.

I want to do this every summer. I want to pick an adventure and go. I want my kids to always ask for more life. To not worry about having nice clothes. To not care what people think.
To be happy and free.

So Universe, I did my part. Now you do yours.