Raise them right

It’s International Women's Day.

Can we please celebrate all that we are? I am a strong woman but I wasn't always. My strengths do not come from my past, they come from my future. My children. My desire to give my babes a better world than I was given. I want my daughter to see her beauty in her intelligence, in her ability to trust herself, in her quirks. I want her strength to come from within and I hope she never doubts it. I want her to know she can be single or married or a mother or not. She can be gay or straight. She can dress feminine if she wants but I want her to know her worth is not to be found in those clothes. She can be a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, or she can be both. I hope she chooses whatever path she needs to and I hope she does it because her internal compass is strong. I hope most of all that she is happy and strong in whatever life she chooses.

But it is not just our daughters. We have to change how we raise our sons. They are a piece of the puzzle too. Our sons are being raised to respect women. They are allowed to play with baby dolls and wear whatever they want, regardless of color. That there is no such thing as women's work. They will learn to bake, to sew, and how to garden. I want them to cry and to be sensitive. I want them to be as compassionate as they possibly can. I want them to know that who they are and who they want to become has nothing to do with their gender.

I am not raising the children of the past. I am raising the children of the future because I am a strong woman.