The In-Between Moments

These are the in-between moments. They make up the story of us. They are mostly shot at home, in the early morning light. Each day, only one photo can stay on the memory card to remember the day by. Every month or so they get uploaded and edited and filed away. Only keeping one photo a day on that card has forced me to find the best light, the best angle, and the best emotion. It is the only daily project my scattered brain has been able to continue and I plan to continue it until the day I die.

We actually lead a pretty adventurous and busy life. We are outdoors most days, walking, hiking, camping, or playing with friends. We love traveling and exploring new places. We’re obsessed with the beach and sandy toes at sunset. We could tell you all of the family-friendly breweries in San Diego and which ones have root beer on tap. Our life outside these in-between moments looks nothing like this.

But these moments are the ones I want my children to remember. It is where the love exists in the story of us. To be fair, it is also where we do most of our yelling. Learning to live and love together despite our very different personalities.

These moments make us real. They are true and authentic.

They are us.