The Future Them

Sometimes, I can see them in the future. They smile a certain way or they're making a certain face in a photo. The baby face fades away and I can almost see what they're going to look like when they're older. Asking for advice for significant others instead of battling over hot wheels. I know it's coming. I know we'll blink and we won't have these babies anymore. Eventually, it will be our kids and then our teenagers and then our young adults. We'll be old and boring by then and they'll be excited and nervous with life. They'll fight their way through whatever obstacles they have to. They'll hopefully love each other more than they've ever loved anything. Because when my husband and I are gone they'll only have each other. Their children will play together. They'll start their own traditions and some of those won't include us. Eventually they'll have their own fully formed families and eventually they'll love their kiddos (and be just as tired) as much as we do (and are).

Eventually, our house will be still. And boring. We'll have time for everything we don't have time for now. We'll go on dates and adventures like we did when we were 19. It'll be an entire different life than the one we lead today.

But for today I'll just brush that vision aside. Today, maybe I'll enjoy the fighting over toys and complaints about damn near everything. Because soon enough we'll be talking about how much we miss our kids being kids.

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