I needed the quiet

The magic wore off today.

Yesterday we were so wrapped in love and gratitude and today was just rough. The kids, filled with extra sugar from the pumpkin pie they made were loud and insane. Me, tired from burning some midnight oil lately, was not my best self. My husband had to catch up on some work (STORY OF OUR LIVES) and I had hoped a little fresh air would shake things up as it usually does for us. So I grabbed my camera and threw the kids in the car for a quick sunset hike slash crystal scavenger hunt.

It didn’t work. I felt even more irritated there. The kids were even louder and more insane (yes, I totally realize they’re playing off my crap mood). We *just* missed the sunset and I was a total downer. I just wanted some peace and I realized it wasn’t coming from within today.  

Normally, when we hike, the boys run ahead, dig for rocks, try to find snakes even though I warn them a billion times to stay away from the snake holes. Normally, we play. Or they play and I capture it. But today I needed peace. And peaceful photos. I needed the quiet. So, I separated the boys and they instantly calmed. The baby finally fell asleep on my chest all snug in her carrier. We all took a deep breath and inhaled the quiet. The boys let me photograph them in their peaceful moments, which honestly are pretty rare these days.

I needed these quiet moments.