I can barely say it out loud let alone believe it. Six years ago today, you came screaming into this world and didn’t stop for the first two years of your life. Ironically, right now you are bundled up all snug in your bed, not ready at all to get up for the day.

Daniel Grayson, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in the past year. In all aspects. You are an amazing little human, a unique little man, a connoisseur of crystals, hot cocoa, and bubble tubbies. You are the best big brother to your siblings, the look of love they have when you help them is only reserved for you. You are incredibly smart, undeniably sweet, and give the best hugs. Whenever you see Dad and I hug, you run from whatever part of the house you are in and give us both the biggest squeeze, which is when Ev comes running in to complete it. You are a great friend and the sweetest of sweet. You love the beach and the Smith family “bazzagna and neatballs”. You are always exploring, adventuring, and using your imagination.  We couldn’t imagine a more perfect kiddo to start our family.

We love you so much, Daniel Grayson! Happy birthday, little love of mine.