Happy Birthday, Minnow Mae

My name is Meadow Mae. Code name: Bon Jon Baby for my glorious mop of hair.  

Today, I am one.

I am sweet and beautiful, like a little elfin princess. I bring joy and laughter and all things good into this world. I hyperventilate with giggles when I see puppies or goats, especially my own Dax Shepard who has not stopped licking my face for an entire year. I love to walk around my house with my new mower while singing to myself. I adore my brothers and their sweet forehead kisses. I still sleep in my parents’ bed but have since kicked dad to the couch by constant midnight kicks to the face. I am smart and inquisitive and I also love to pull the recycle bin over just for fun. I love my daily walks with our pups, cuddled up to moms heart in the baby carrier. I love having my hair brushed. I will eat anything you put in front of me. My mom calls me Vladimir Putin because I’m always Pootin. I love sitting in the grass and playing in the sand. I love naps (only if Mom is holding me). I am an expert cord puller out of the wall and really love to sample all the cord flavors in the house. I love playing cars with my brudders. My dad sneaks kisses to my forehead when he thinks no one is looking. I complete my little family. I’m pretty much perfect.

Happy birthday to me.