We Sick

It's been a rough past few days. Three sick kids and a ton of ish to do just doesn't mix all that well in our house. I knew. I knew before I even got out of bed that today was a sick day. I could hear the boys fight/coughing at 6 am. Mind you, this was after a night of poor Meadow feeling awful and not sleeping well (oh yeah and teething). The joys.

So we called in sick from life. We had elderberry syrup and fuzzy robes. We stayed in PJ's all day and had hot cocoa for breakfast. We read books. We had cuddles. We watched a movie and ate popcorn. And then when we all felt a tiny bit better, we played. We did high kicks and headstands. We mostly laughed with a tiny bit of arguing. 

And although these littles are feeling much better, I don't regret one bit calling off life today.