Clearly it doesn't rain often in San Diego

You can't image how disabling a week of rain is for a city that runs on a continuous supply of sunshine. The amount of playdates that get canceled, let alone rescheduling sessions, just make rain mostly a headache for photographers in San Diego.

Being from Ohio, my husband and I happen to like the rain. There is something romantic and soothing for us that may or may not have everything to do with a few kisses shared in a downpour. 

I knew when I saw the forecast for El Nino week 2016 that there would be lots of blankets, hot cocoa and puddle jumping in store for us. The big one would have stayed out there all day had we let him. The little one wasn't too happy after a massive mud puddle got splashed in his eyes. I can confidently say both loved the extra warm tubby after.