2019 Mini Session Guide


You made it! I'm so happy you're here too!

Here is everything you need to know about your upcoming photography session!

First and most importantly, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Being a mama of four is my most important job. Being a photographer with a flexible schedule allows me to be part of my family's daily chaos by documenting yours. Thank you for using my small business and thank you for giving me the best gift in the world.

Second, this is going to be fun! Family sessions are just the best. We will laugh and play and your family will be guaranteed to leave with smiles. There will be some sweet and tender moments too. Basically, we'll bask in the love. This session will be different than most family photography sessions you've had in the past. I value light, laughter, emotion, and fun over all else at these sessions so don't worry about standing around and awkwardly smiling at the camera. Come prepared for a good time.

Via email, we'll be discussing the specifics of your session (location, timing, and anything special for your session). Your contract, invoice for session fee, and questionnaire will be sent directly to your email. Your signed contract and paid invoice will secure your date. Please spend a good amount of time being thorough with your questionnaire. It is my favorite part of this whole process. I have been known to sit in my car before a session rereading my clients' questionnaire and laughing until I cry or just plain tearing up from the pure sweetness of it. Please, it’s seriously my favorite part and it really helps me with the kiddos.


Mini sessions take place at predetermined locations around San Diego. If you are interested in a location that hasn't been selected and have one-two other families interested, I can open up a mini session day just for you! Mini sessions are great if you are looking for a quick portrait session to update your family’s images or a milestone session. Sessions last anywhere from 20-25 minutes and will mostly focus on family images together. If there are a few specific shots you would like to include please tell me beforehand. When you have decided which location you prefer just let me know so I can plan accordingly.

Mini sessions take place about 90-30 minutes before sunset (I will confirm your exact time right before the session). Please be on time or a bit early as your on-location session is scheduled according to the best light. We definitely don’t want to miss that sunset! You can call (please call so I can hear the phone) when you arrive. My cell phone number is 760.687.3229. Either I or my assistant (slash husband) will come and get you :) 


This is most clients least favorite part of the session. I get it. Trying to cram all of your kids into clothes they don’t want to wear is zero fun. So here's a really simple trick. Just avoid large logos, fluorescent colors, and matching outfits. That’s it! Steer clear of those few things and you should be perfect.

As for what to do! Well, it will largely depend on your family and your preferences but here’s a few tips to keep in mind when picking out your outfits:

*Keep comfort first. Comfort allows for play and play allows for great images.
*Choose your palette second. Think in terms of tones: earth tones, blue tones, neutrals etc.
*Fit your style to your location. Choose complimentary colors to your location when choosing your outfits. Strive for colors and textures that coordinate with your location. If you have opted for an in-home session, pick colors from your home to coordinate with.
*Think timeless. This is my favorite piece of advice. Timeless clothes allow your photographs to “age” better. Think of family portraits from the 80’s if you need help on what not to wear.
*Keep clothing simple. Use muted colors and minimize busy patterns. Neutral and natural are my favorite combo! If your family is a bit more colorful than mine, just pick a color palette with 3 or 4 colors and then incorporate the colors throughout the outfits in varying patterns, solids, and layers.

*Don’t forget about the shoes! Unless we’re at your house or the beach, then please do forget the shoes. If we are
on-location just remember shoes are part of the outfit (especially if they’re adorable kid boots!)
*Dress babies as babies. Collared shirts and ties tend to look uncomfortable on anyone under 6 months.
*Lastly, are you a flowy dress kind of mom? Yes? Well I just love you and love photographing beautiful, long,                   dresses on beautiful mamas in beautiful sunset light!
*I am happy to look at any photos of what you’re thinking for outfits if you need some extra guidance!


This part is the most important part of prep because we all know kids can make or break your session. To get the most out of your session, make sure your little one has rested and you have packed their favorite (dry, non-messy) snacks and water. No candy please! Blue tongues don’t photograph all that well. Don’t worry about bribing your children either. Just let me take the wheel and I promise to get beautiful smiles and authentic images. Some *ok, all* kids aren’t very excited to stand still and pose for the camera. It is best if we just let kids be kids and have fun. Dancing, running, playing, tickling, and singing are all great ways to capture fun images. Also, I apologize in advance for my awful rendition of the Lion King opening song but it really gets the giggles going!


Within 3 weeks (usually less) of your session, you will receive an online gallery. Your gallery will be online for one week in which you can decide which images and prints to choose. Your session fee comes with 8 images of your choice to select from the gallery. If you love them as much as I’m sure I do and just can’t decide, don’t fret! You can have them all too! Each image over the 8 included are $40 per image or $175 for your entire gallery of images. I also have a store enabled in your gallery if you are interested in prints or products.

A few days or the day before your session, I’ll confirm the date, time and location. In the meantime, please call or email me with any and all questions before your session.


Fill out your contract and pay your invoice to secure your date. Next is the questionnaire, I stressed before how important questionnaires are to the session so please take your time and be thorough. Let me know when you've decided on a location and if you would like an in-person gallery reveal. Next is outfits! Feel free to reach out at any point in the process if you need any help or have any questions. I will email a few days or the day before your session to confirm the date, time and location. In the meantime, please email me with any and all questions before your session.

I can not wait to meet your sweet family!