Beauty Revived and the 50 Most Beautiful Mothers

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Motherhood has obviously changed me (mostly for the better :)). It has absolutely changed my vision of what beauty is. I have come to find the most beautiful things in life are the experiences you have with your little family. And although my uniform has changed to yoga pants and messy bun, I still feel beautiful when my little humans are having the time of their life. 

Beauty Revived is an amazing project! I was chosen as a photographer in their 50 Most Beautiful Mothers Campaign and I am so honored to work with such a worthy cause!

So what is Beauty Revived? 

Beauty Revived is a photography movement that celebrates real women with real beauty.  Photographers search out women who demonstrate attributes of real beauty and donate a session to them.  After the session they submit the pictures along with the story to be featured on our blog.

It is an incredible honor to have been chosen and I am so excited to start accepting nominations for the beautiful mothers in your lives. Do you know someone that exudes love and radiates life? I want to meet her. Please submit your nominations before March 5th to give the beautiful mothers in your lives a chance to receive a donated session as well as be published in a national magazine!

Submit your nominations here.