Studio Mini Sessions * San Diego Studio Photographer

I miss this little studio! For a portion of last year, I rented a studio in the East Village from a few other photographers I admired. I loved the light, the perfect and consistent light. I also loved the quiet of working away from home. I have become so accustomed to editing while my kids run and play *loudly* in the house, that I hadn't realized how much I missed the quiet. Somedays, I would book an extra hour in the studio and have a little glass of white wine while cleaning up. Those were my favorite days :)

At the end of the year, I gave up my spot in the studio so some other lucky photographer could work in peace. I know someday my kids will all be in school and I know that will be the best time for me to find a little quiet nook to work in again. For now, waking up at 5:30 to get work done before the littles start the daily mayhem is just in our cards. I know I'll miss it someday too so I'm soaking every little ounce of it up right now.