The last bit of summer

My kids were cheated out of most of their summer. Although we needed it, it rained entirely too much in June and July for my kids' taste. We started the crazy process of selling our house, moving into a new house and moving into a studio all within a few of those precious summer weeks too. I felt a twinge of regret every time I would see someone post a picture of their kids enjoying the sprinklers outside or going for ice cream. I wanted my kiddos to have that too. 

This last week has been the craziest heatwave we've had all year! It was finally summer, just in time to see all the stores put out their back to school displays and pack away the beach toys. 

When our friends invited us to their new place for a summer BBQ, there was no way we were passing it up. 

So here is our one very amazing day of summer so far…lucky us September and October have some pretty good beach days too :)