The Ghiglieri-Cole Family * La Jolla Beach Family Portrait Session

I met Julianne in the most roundabout way. I had decided to take my 9 month old, Daniel, on a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego. I thought it was a great idea at the time. It was not. 

I stopped in Solvang to visit a friend on the way back and that friend happens to be a brewer who also happened to take me to a home brewing store. Still following along? In that home brewing store was the most simply gorgeous and delicate jewelry made by Julianne. Aside from wife, mom and full time worker, she just happens to make little wearable pieces of art! I took a business card and called her with a custom order when I finally made it back to San Diego. Since then, she's done custom pieces for my sister-in-law, mom, best friend, me and my grandma. When my grandma was sick last year, Julianne rushed my order of matching bracelets. It's the last gift I was able to give her. Julianne and her art hold a special place in my family's heart. 

She contacted me for a session when she had her beautiful daughter and we've been thick as thieves since. She is such a wonderful person to know, sweet and delicate, just like her jewelry.

Here's the link to her Etsy:

The store is down for a bit while her family adjusts to life back in the bay but I would suggest bookmarking that link and checking back often. :) 

All the love and luck in the world to your sweet family! We miss you guys already!