The Hamad Family

If you are from the Akron area, you have no doubt come across one of the gorgeous Hamad clan. They are hugely involved in the community and with six kids, you're bound to know at least one. I grew up with the Hamads. I didn't know that Sandy and Chris weren't really my aunt and uncle until I was well into grade school. They are just that type of family. 

The Hamad family own Rockne's pub off Merriman Road and I can personally vouch that they are just as pleasant to work for and work with as they are in any other action of life. As a testament to that, all six kids have worked there at the same time. Think about working with all of your siblings and parents AND doing it harmoniously. This is just the Hamad way.

To say they are sweet is an understatement. This is the family all other families should model themselves after. I have always admired and loved how they love each other. They are supportive, kind, thoughtful, and absolutely beyond generous. When my Grammy passed away last August. Aunt Sandy was the first to arrive, with a full bar and enough food to feed an army to boot. The rest of the Hamad clan came as soon as they heard too. They were one of the last to leave that night and again the first to arrive the next day. All week, they brought food and drink and most of all company and comfort. They have done things like this for everyone in their life. Not because they have to but because they really just are those genuinely caring people. They have always been there for all of us and now it's our turn.

Big Chris has always been the cornerstone of the Hamad clan. To hear he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer not all that long ago was devastating to everyone. This family deserves their dad. They have worked their whole lives to create this loving family and they are fighting hard to keep it! There was recently an event held in Chris's honor. EIGHT HUNDRED people showed up and countless more sent items to be auctioned off. I wasn't able to attend but have been planning this since. You can follow along and send love through Chris's caring bridge site:

So here it is. Maybe you can help me. 

I took 5 photos in Chris's honor. Thinking of how hard this must be not only emotionally but physically and realizing peace of mind must be hard to come by at the moment. So I took 5 photos that represent peace in my mind. I'm going to print six 8x12s of each one. I'm only ever going to print those photos this once so it will be a limited edition run. One photo of each will get sent to Big Chris and the Hamad clan. I'm selling the other 5 of each photo. The cost will be 40$ (and a 5$ fee if you need shipped outside San Diego). So, if we can sell 25 limited edition prints, I can donate $1000 to the Chris Hamad Support Fund. It is nothing compared to what they have done for not only my family but our community but I hope we can show them our love!

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please email me through the contact page on this site or at You can also call me at (619) 284-2553. 


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