A little help from my friend

There are people you are just destined to cross paths with. You can search and search but sometimes you just happen upon them in the most random of places. Like a mommy forum.

I met Victoria on a post in a San Diego mom group. Someone had posted asking for help keeping their life organized and Victoria was sweet enough to lend her a hand. I commented and she noticed I was a photographer. She is a graphic designer and had been looking for a local photographer's photographs to use for marketing. It was a match made in heaven!

We have been working closely these past few months and last week she was able to send the final edits. From brand new logo, perfectly matched branding, overlays, mini session templates, to coordinating contracts. A completely cohesive brand, just for me.

And it is AMAZING! 

I just wish I had found her sooner. I spent the first year in business barely able to open photoshop and completely lost when it came to branding. I am so absolutely beyond happy with her amazing work! 

Head over to:


and say hello to an amazing lady!