Tammy & Stig, Coronado Wedding

I met Tammy 7 years ago. My visa had expired in London and I couldn't figure out where I wanted to live next so I bought a one way ticket to Turkey for 68 GBP. Someone asked me before I left if I knew anyone in Turkey and I responded with "not yet". Little did I know, I was on the road to meeting one of my best friends. Turkey is an absolutely amazing country. I hadn't done much (actually any) research before I left and I was pleasantly surprised at every place I visited. I made my way to the mountains of Cappadocia and fell in love. It is truly a surreal experience being there. I was hiking with a group one day and ran into Tammy. She was on holiday with friends and we hit it off immediately. We were both snapping pictures left and right with our point and shoots and talking about traveling. We have been best friends ever since. 

Since that day she has lived all over the world. She is now settled in Munich with an amazing man named Stig (who is a fail blog star). Tammy and Stig decided to have a California Christmas this past year and booked a holiday in San Diego to come see us. She hadn't met my babies aside from Skype and we hadn't seen each other since her last US holiday three years before. Her boyfriend, Stig, contacted me in secret beforehand trying to plan a surprise wedding! He asked her to marry him on her 30th birthday on the beach a few weeks before flying to San Diego. Since his family is in Norway and hers in Germany and Argentina, they decided it would be easiest for everyone to have s simple ceremony on the beach with just us four. My husband, who oddly enough has married another set of good friends on the beach in Coronado, acted as officiant and I took over Maid of Honor and Photographer duties.  

Tammy is beautiful, just absolutely just-as-she-wakes-up gorgeous. To see her as a bride is breathtaking. We headed to Coronado as the sun was starting to set and they said their vows against the backdrop of the dunes and the ocean. I always cry at weddings but this one was especially tear inducing for me. 

A massive congratulations to my best friend and the love of her life. 

Tammy and Stig Skilbred Social Media-3.jpg