Adam * 91x Radio Personality, Headshots in East VIllage, San Diego

I moved to San Diego with two duffel bags and a pair of sunglasses all the way back in 2001. I loved everything about living here. I stumbled on 91x one day driving to the beach in my '87 Cabriolet. I don't think my radio ever moved stations. 

When I was originally contacted to shoot Adam's headshots, I was a bit anxious but excited for the opportunity. I had heard him on air for years on 91x but had just recently met him in person. Most of my sessions are centered around families in natural locations so this was a bit outside my comfort zone. I usually spend the majority of my sessions singing horribly and being silly to coax smiles from toddlers. I had to remind myself more than a few times not to sing off key during this session. 

I had scouted a few locations in the East Village and so on a late Sunday afternoon we headed downtown. We had a few interesting experiences with the East Village locals (including having a water bottle chucked at us when we didn't want to buy a memory card off the street) but all in all it was well worth it! We ended with a beer, some veggie pizza and a few shots in the studio.  

It's a massively cool feeling to have a look around on your favorite radio stations web page and see one of your studio shots! You can check that out here too: 

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