Onto Bigger and Better...

2014 was a very trying year. My family suffered a lot of loss and at the same time welcomed the sweetest, most beautiful Buddha baby. We are ready for 2015. To take the lessons we learned and live them daily. 2014 taught us that life needs to be lived because there is truly nothing else more important. I will work less, play more, and try my hardest to make sure my family has the most amazing and adventurous life. 

So with that being said, here are a few of my favorites from 2014. 


2014 weddings-6.jpg
Kim & Reid (Web Resolution)-48.jpg
2014 weddings-5.jpg
Rori and Co (Web Resolution)-6.jpg
The Villa and Nguyen Family (Web Resolution)-23.jpg
Julianne, Will and Avalyn (Web Resolution)-11.jpg
Julianne, Will and Avalyn (Web Resolution)-45.jpg