I'm a mama, first and always. I have three babes with three different eye colors and three entirely different personalities. I live and love in San Diego.

I drink my wine from a coffee cup. I love the beach and lazy summer sunsets. I love adventure and I absolutely love packing my big family into our tiny vintage camper and hitting the road (#FortuneFavorsTheBrave). I hate hashtags. I love sunshine. Like more than a normal person should. I'm obsessed with Canada and convincing my husband to move our family to British Columbia. I embrace the chaos and try to find the light in the darkest of moments.

Also, I'm a writer. Mostly about my little family's big misadventures. You can read more about that here.

This is me. This is my family (plus a lovely little baby girl named Meadow). This is us, in all our chaos and all our love.

This beautiful video was created by Erin Oveis Brant of The Leo Loves and Sean Fresh.